How It Works

We love free stuff so one of our favorite Qs is:

How can you actually get things for free?

Truth is, there are all kinds of reasons brand name companies give away free stuff: to promote a new product, increase the number of fans for their brand on Facebook, or simply the confidence that their product is so good once you try it for free they might gain a long term customer.

The one downside was the time it took to find the great freebies but not anymore!  At Best Freebie Finder we make sure to scour the web to find the best free stuff putting it all in one place for you and we find new freebies DAILY so we never miss a good one!:)  Using the site and signing up for our daily freebies email (so you can be one of the first to know too) is also always 100% FREE!

We also never share or sell your email address and if you ever get tired of all the free stuff you can simply click the unsubscribe link we send in every email.

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Nicole (aka: the Freebie Finder)


Please Note:

At all the freebies and samples we find come directly from the companies that are offering them.  We don’t ship or sell any products. We have found most freebies take approx. 4 to 6 weeks.  If you hate to wait (the way we do) then be sure to request new freebies every week.  After the initial six week wait you should be on a roll of starting to see new freebies trickle in week after week.  We think it’s more fun that way and it’s one more reason we post new free offers daily!